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Statistics of SIDS incidences

SIDS in time Overall statistics of SIDS incidences show that number of sudden deaths of infants declines. However, the biggest decrease we have seen in 90s – the result of the “Back to sleep” campaign. Since then, the decrease is much smaller, almost insignificant. SIDS per infant group Sudden infant […]

Are baby monitors useful in SIDS prevention?

The fear Parents frequently rely on baby monitoring to safeguard infants from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). They believe that monitoring might prevent an unexplained departure than can occur to apparently healthy children during sleep. The problem is that they shouldn’t do it. SIDS occurs without apparent struggle or noise. It has […]

Risk factors of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

While mechanism of SIDS is not known yet, there are several risk factors that increase the chance of sudden death incidence. These are not causes, but only correlate with this syndrome. Infants risk factors: Sleeping position is the most important risk factor for SIDS. Remember to put your child to sleep […]

How is vaccination related to sudden infant death?

Fear of vaccination is quite wide spread. Vaccines are linked (albeit research does not support this link) to autism, but they were some time ago also linked to SIDS incidences. Are vaccines safe to your child? It turns out that yes, they are, and careful research ruled out immunization as […]

Is SIDS linked to genes?

Is SIDS a genetic disease? Some researchers claim that there are certain mutations in human genome that are responsible for elevated risk of sudden infant death syndrome. For example, in Japan almost 10% of SIDS cases are associated with certain mutations of cardiac ion channels (Otagiri et al, 2009): Sudden […]

New research articles on SIDS

Here we gather the most recent research articles on sudden infant death syndrome from database of biomedical literature Pubmed:

What is SIDS

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a sudden and unexpected death of an infant of age below 12 months (the maximum of SIDS incidences occurs between 2nd and 4th months of child’s age). SIDS is the most common cause of infants’ deaths in first world countries and occurs roughly once […]