Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Resource

When it comes to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), web is full of outdated or incomplete information about SIDS. Reliable sources of information are written for profressionals by professionals. Parents often reach to forums and social networks for information about this condition, but as a result, their anxiety increases, not decreases.

This page was made to be a single comprehensive resource about SIDS, written for parents and frequently updated.

Where do you start?

CC-BY Daniel Rothamel
CC-BY Daniel Rothamel

1. First, read the definition of SIDS with basic information. You will learn that it’s often called crib death or cot death and how frequently it occurs.

2. Then, you can learn about risk factors of sudden infant death syndrome. This list includes maternal risk factors as well.

3. You might hear that “it’s all in the genes”. We don’t subscribe to this point of view. Read our article about genetics of SIDS.

CC-BY Pixabay
CC-BY Pixabay

4. Some companies will ruthlessly abuse your fear about your child to sell you baby monitors that “prevent SIDS”. Don’t let it happen, read our article on the use of baby monitors in SIDS prevention.

5. You might fear vaccines and maybe some people told you that immunization causes SIDS. We have different opinion about that, supported by extensive research. Read about possible protective role of vaccination in sudden infant death syndrome.

6. Finally, go browse the rest of our website, an extensive selection of videos, research notes and general information.